Crews Safety Luminator Retro-Reflective Protective Eyewear Indoor/Outdoor Clear,Black (12 Pairs)



Crews Retro-Reflective Glasses - MCR Safety is proud to annouce some new glasses that dare you to "Just Try to Outwork Us". The patented design on the Luminator Reflective Eyewear integrates retro-reflective material ino the temples for greater visibility and safety. What the heck is retro-reflective? When light hits these temples it relects back very similar to a safety vest. The workplace is a dangerous environment and you need to be seen to be safe. Soft, no slippin, better grippin temples keep these bad boys in place. The Luminator Reflective Eyewear will help you to be seen and be safe.(12 Pairs)


- Retro-reflective material integrated into the temple for maximum visibility
- Soft no slippin better grippin temples
- Filters 99% of U.V. radiation