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E-A-R - Classic - Soft Earplugs Corded-200 pr/bx

SKU : CAS311-6001
E-A-R - Classic - Soft Earplugs Corded-200 pr/bx


E-A-R Classic Soft earplugs are made of a patented, thermal-reactive foam used by the NASA space program. The material feels smoother than ordinary foam, and starts out firm to allow for easy insertion. Then, the plugs warm with the body temperature. They actually soften and shape to the ear canal. This "custom," low pressure seal helps provide an excellent NRR of 31 dB. Better yet, the plugs get even softer and more comfortable with extended wear.

- The dermatologically safe foam construction provides a comfortable seal and exerts little pressure in the ear canal.

- Both the plugs and cords are detachable.

- Safety Product Type: Corded Earplug
- NRR [max]: 31
- Meets ANSI S3.19-1974 Standards
- 100 pairs per box

- Conforming
- Material: Foam

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