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Brady SPC MRO Plus 3 Ply Medium Weight

Brady SPC MRO Plus 3 Ply Medium Weight
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MRO Plus Sorbents are highly effective for clean up and removal of oil and water-based liquids. This heavyweight, gray dimpled material combines thickness, strength and high absorbency for excellent performance in any industrial application. Perforation permits the use of precisely the right amount, and the product's dirt-masking color fosters longer use before disposal. Incineration residue of MRO Plus is less than .02% ash. Available in Pads, Rolls, Booms or Socs.


- Perforations contribute to economy by allowing the user to take precisely the right amount of material to do the job.
- The dirt masking gray color fosters longer use before disposal.


- MRO Plus incinerates to less than 0.02% ash


- Suitable for virtually any industrial application.


- Product Type
Sorbent Pad

- Absorbs
Oil, Universal, Water-Based Liquids

- Size Description
15" X 19"

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