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Servus By Honeywell Large Tungsten Carbide Studs

SKU : PL-N38SR101-L
Servus By Honeywell Large Tungsten Carbide Studs


Servus® By Honeywell Large Studs are designed for work shoes/boots and are made of tungsten carbide for better traction on snow and very good traction on ice to reduce the risk of slips or falls. Studs have an extra strong stretch rubber construction to provide a snug fit. They can be easily replaced with replacement studs kit. Studs offer slip resistance and have heel tabs for easy wearability. Compact oversoles can be stored in pocket/work belt for convenience.


Tungsten carbide studs bites into snow and ice for added grip and safety to wearer
Made of extra strong stretch rubber to draw snugly over shoes and boots - easily fits a wide range of footwear
Over soles are compact and easily stored in a pocket or work belt

Product Attributes

Boot/Shoe Size
» Large

» Tungsten Carbide

Product Type
» Studs

» Plain

Brand Name
» Studs®

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