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AOSafety -NEXT Skull Screws - Tapered Metallic-Look

SKU : CASP1300
AOSafety -NEXT Skull Screws - Tapered Metallic-Look


Workers are tired of ordinary earplugs. That's why we made Skull Screws anything but ordinary. We designed these edgy earplugs to bring a radical new attitude to the workplace and help boost compliance. It's a different plug - that's going to make a difference. Grab young workers by the ears with Metallic-Look Foam, Screw Grip and Twist-to-Seal Design. And knock noise to its knees with a decibel crushing NRR of 30 dB. Skull Screws. Hear No Fear.

120 Pairs Per Box

- Easy Grip for Clean Insertions - The no-roll foam and this easy grip make plug fitting easier and help eliminate dirt transfer from hands to earplugs
- Look of Metal, Soft Feel of Foam - The silver color makes the plugs look tough as nails, but they're made of ultra-soft foam that's comfortable all day long
- Proper Fit? Just Screw It - The screw "threads" are molded into the foam for more than looks. Screwing or twisting the plug while pushing it into the ear canal can help achieve an optimum noise seal
- Tough Look; Tough Protection: NRR 30dB - Skull Screws earplugs perform as tough as they look by providing excellent protection for virtually any noisy environment

- NRR 30dB
- Meets ANSI S3.19-1974 Standards

- Safety Product Type: Uncorded Earplug
- NRR [max]: 30
- Design: Twist-to-Seal
- Material: Foam
- Usage: Single Use
- Brand Name: 3M, NEXT, Peltor, Skull Screws

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