Ansell - Nitrilite Silky Ultra-Clean 5 mil Powder Free Disposable Glove - (10 Bags) Size Large


SKU: PL-ANE93-311-L

Nitrilite - The nitrile cleanroom glove for applications requiring low-particulate and low-extractable hand protection.

Introduced in 1993, Nitrilite is the original thin-mil nitrile cleanroom glove. Produced in a clean-process facility, Nitrilite is naturally clean and low in extractables and has excellent grip properties. Electrical properties are very good.

- Excellent Grip
- Meets or exceeds current ASTM standards

- Applications requiring a clean glove with good grip and good electrical properties.

- Thickness: 5 mil
- Length: 12"
- Quantity: 100 per bag / 10 bags