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3M - 2 oz. ULTRATHON SRL-12 Insect Repellent (34.34% Deet) - Pack of 12

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3M - 2 oz. ULTRATHON SRL-12 Insect Repellent (34.34% Deet) - Pack of 12
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Time Release Protection means DEET is slower to evaporate and provides protection after others have dissipated - up to 12 hours of protection against mosquitoes. Ultrathon's Time Release Protection gives the user a balanced mix between concentration of DEET and long lasting protection. Our unique technology provides longer lasting protection with less DEET.

12 bottles per pack. Each bottle is 2 oz.

- Item : Insect Repellent
- Weight : 2 oz.
- Used For : Mosquitoes and Flying Insects
- Dilution Ratio : Ready to Use
- Form : Lotion
- Active Ingredients : 34.34% DEET
- Splash and sweat resistant to ensure consistent protection through all your outdoor activities.
- Ultrathon has been tested in the harshest environments in the world - the Central American Jungles.

Proven Formula:
- Ultrathon?��???� Insect Repellent was initially developed by 3M for the US Military to provide up to 12 hours of protection for their troops. It is still used today.
- Advanced 3M formulation creates an effective barrier that repels mosquitoes that may carry West Nile Virus, and ticks that may carry Lyme Disease
- In the mid-1980's, the US Military contacted 3M to develop a better form of protection based on 3M unique Time Release Technology.
- The resulting product, Ultrathon?��???� Lotion, quickly replaced their current DEET product and is still being used today by troops in all areas of the world.

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