3M™ Scott™ 4500 psig Cylinder Used With Air-Pak 75i/ISCBA

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3M™ Scott™ carbon cylinder for SCBA users has a lightweight, composite cylinder consisting of an aluminum alloy inner shell with a total overwrap of carbon fiber, fiberglass and an epoxy resin. Working pressure 4500 psig and rated for 30 minute duration based on NIOSH breathing rates.


  • Carbon Cylinders are built to DOT and TC specifications. *30 year cylinders DOT only
  • Luminescent band provides greater visibility
  • Hydrostatic testing to be performed every five years

Product Attributes:

Attribute Value
Product Type Cylinder
Air Flow 4500 psig
Air Supply Time 30 Minutes
Cylinder Type Carbon, Fiberglass
Usage Air-Pak 75i, ISCBA

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