3M™ Qualitative Fit Testing Kit For 3M™ Any Particulate or Gas/Vapor Respirator With Particulate Prefilter



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3M™ Qualitative Sweet Fit Test Apparatus is ideal for checking face-to-respirator seal on any particulate respirator or gas/vapor respirator with a particulate prefilter. Fit test apparatus is patterned to aid your organization meet OSHA fit testing requirements for respirators. It finds wide range of application in automotive, construction, manufacturing, metal production, fabrication, military maintenance, mining, oil, gas, pharmaceutical, transportation, food and beverage manufacturing.


Fast, easy method for performing qualitative fit testing
Use with any particulate respirator or any gas/vapor respirator with particulate prefilter
Helps satisfy respiratory program requirements
Can be used during respirator training programs
Used to test the sensitivity of the fit test subject to a saccharin solution
To test the facepiece-to-face seal

Convenient, reliable, and economical to use Permits exercises to be performed in a test atmosphere Determines employee's taste threshold to fit test solution
OSHA 29 CFR 1910.132 CE Approved
Laminated instruction booklet (English/Spanish) Sensitivity solution (FT-11) Fit test solution (FT-12) Two nebulizers (FT-13) One hood (FT-14) One collar assembly (FT-15) Two sets replacement nebulizer inserts

Helps meet administrative respiratory protection training program regulations as specified in OSHA 29 CFR 1910.134

Misuse of personal protective equipment may result in injury, sickness, or death
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» 3M™ Any Particulate or Gas/Vapor Respirator

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» Fit Testing Kit

» Qualitative