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3M Peltor Blue And Black Over-The-Head Food Industry Earmuffs

SKU : 3MRH9A-02
3M Peltor Blue And Black Over-The-Head Food Industry Earmuffs
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This new earmuff helps provide the well-known attenuation and comfort of 3M™ Peltor™ headsets, while offering unique features specifically developed for food processing environments. The headband is engineered to help prevent food particle accumulation, and the lightweight ear cups have replaceable inserts designed to help reduce moisture absorption.


- Smooth, Non-porous Headband - The headband is virtually crease-free to help reduce accumulation of particles that may produce bacterial growth. The band also helps resist moisture absorption and is easy to keep clean.
- The aluminum headband wire connects at two points to help provide balanced pressure distribution for wearing comfort and a comfortable seal.
- Earcups are contoured and smaller to help lighten weight for increased comfort, even during long wear periods.
- Cushions and inserts are made of a polymer that helps minimize condensation. Headband, cups and cushions are washable. Hygiene kit is available for easy replacement of cushions and inserts.


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