3M Maxim Safety Glasses With Black Elastomeric Frame And Clear Polycarbonate DX Anti-Fog Anti-Scratch Hard Coat Lens


SKU: CAS13250-00000

When first introduced, Maxim™ set the standard with the industry's first dual-aspheric plano lens with prescription-quality clarity, a dual-injected molded frame 15% lighter than competitive models, an ultra high-style design, and an unprecedented list of performance and custom-adjust features. Now, the Maxim™ Series offers the innovation of DuoForm™ mold processing. This dual-injection technology helps produce frames up to 15% lighter than competitive eyewear as well as elastomeric browguards and temple accents for optimum facial comfort and impact/energy absorption.

- With 6.5 Base Curve Lens Soft Elastomeric Browguard and Nosebridge
- DX™ Coating: anti-fog, anti-scratch, anti-chemical attack and anti-static
- Universal fit nosebridge pivots to the comfortably fit most nasal profiles
- Patented 3-position pantascopic lens adjustment moves lens up and down on the face for optimum fit and sightline
- Adjustable temple length for a custom, comfortable fit
- Dual-injected cushion browguard provides dual benefits because the softness feels good on the head while its density helps absorb energy
- Ventilation channel helps prevent fog and heat by channeling warm/moist air out and cool air in for added comfort
- Superior orbital eye socket coverage is made possible with stylish, wrap-around lens. Virtually no area of the eye is exposed to particulates

- Never before has a line of safety eyewear been so decidedly superior. So expertly engineered. So optically perfect. Until Now.
- Prescription-Quality Clarity means better sight and less eye strain for longer, complaint-free wear

- Meets ANSI Z.87-2003 Standards
- Meets Military V0 High Velocity Impact Protection Standards