EPIC- 21" White Bouffant Cap (500 pcs) - Case


SKU: TI-30588-215

Description:Low lint full coverage cleanroom bouffant style cap. Lightweight and cool/breathable non-woven fabric. Latex free elastic headband.

Fabric Info:100% virgin spunbonded polypropylene low-linting fabric. Latex free elastic band is fully encapsulated by polyester thread for added comfort.

Individually inspecting for sizing, stitching and workmanship.

Material Weight: 12 gm/m2

General Info:

ISO Class:         6/Helmke Drum Testing           IEST-RP-CC003.3

Size:                  21" diameter (+/- .5")

Flammability:  Class 1                                         CPSC 1610

Color: White

 Packaging: Neatly stacked and cleanroom packed - 100 pieces per sealed inner polybag, 5 polybags per sealed master bag, 500 pieces per case