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Deb 250 ml Tube Beige Kresto Scented Hand Cleaner

Deb 250 ml Tube Beige Kresto Scented Hand Cleaner


Kresto Classic (250 ml tube) is a special hand cleanser with a solvent and a non-aggressive natural scrubbing agent for extra-heavy-duty skin cleansing, ideal for the toughest industrial dirt.


    • Contains Eucornol to minimize the risk of skin irritation.
    • Contains Astopon natural scrubbing agent (refined walnut shell powder). Gives a deep clean without damaging the skin or harming the environment. Scrubber is easily rinsed away, preventing blocked drains and pipes.
    • Contains a toxicologically safe solvent. A special solvent which is proven to be toxicologically safe for the skin and has excellent cleansing properties, even with super heavy contamination.
    • Soap-free formulation, matched to the pH value of human skin. Preserves the skin's natural acidic protective mantle.
    • Silicone-free. Can be used in almost any production process. No adverse effect when painting or coating surfaces and on vulcanization process.
    • Fragrance:Fougere

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