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DBI-SALA - Sealed Block Self Retracting Lifeline

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DBI/SALA - Sealed Block Self Retracting Lifeline
DBI-SALA - Sealed Block Self Retracting Lifeline
DBI-SALA - Sealed Block Self Retracting Lifeline
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DBI-SALA self retracting lifelines (SRL’s) are the most technologically advanced fall protection devices in the industry. Our SRL’s provide the ultimate in mobility and security with automatic fall arrest mode. They incorporate a lifeline that extends and retracts enabling the user to move about within a recommended working area at normal speeds. Should a fall occur, a speed sensing brake system activates automatically stopping the fall and reducing the forces imposed on the user to safe levels of 900 lbs. or less. The World’s Only “Sealed” Design DBI-SALA’s sealed design is field proven, operating safely on some of the world’s most challenging work sites for over a decade. Our new and improved design is revolutionary (patent pending), all dynamic components including the motor spring and brake system are isolated (environmentally sealed) from foreign elements (ex. grease, moisture, dirt, etc.). You always know your SRL is operating at peak efficiency, without worries about what is happening inside the housing, no matter how dirty or damp your environment. It will maintain consistent lifeline retraction, proper fall arrest distances and forces providing added worker satisfaction, productivity and safety. In addition, the sealed design will lower your overall cost of ownership by extending maintenance intervals and product longevity.


- New sealed design keeps the critical working components (brake, power spring, energy absorber) free of dirt, grease, water and chemicals.
- Built-in carrying handle makes transport and anchoring safe and easy. It also provides a secondary “dropped objects protection” attachment point.
- Large pivoting anchorage handle stays in line with load for added security and allows use of a variety of connecting hardware.
- Anti-ratcheting brake stops falls within inches and limits arresting forces to 900 lbs for added safety.
- Cast aluminum housing and heavy guage steel end plates resist damage and provide corrosion resistance.
- Self locking swivel hook with impact indicator makes connections easy, and provides a visual means of inspection.
- i-Safe™ Intelligent Safety System is built into every unit to track inspections, control inventory and manage information.


- Meets ANSI and OSHA requirements.

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