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Ear Plugs

Older people are often surprised to find out they have lost hearing that has happened over the years. Usually it happens gradually. A doctor’s visit will reveal that the hearing loss has occurred and is often from things that happened when they were young. Repeated ear infections or loud noises are often to blame. There is no cure or reversal, it is permanent hearing loss and the person will have to learn to live with it.

Ear plugs are little devices worn in the ear canal to protect the ear from loud noises, water or extreme weather. Wearing the hearing protection plugs correctly when needed will often prevent damage for the wearer. There are several different versions of safety ear plugs and some are designed to do specific things. The safety ear plugs for swimming are often made out of moldable wax and will conform to the shape of the ear canal. Swimmers ear is common for people who get water in their ear and this will often result in an outer ear infection. The doctor will treat it with ear drops.

If someone does not have access to hearing protection plugs, they can put oiled cotton balls in the canals and this will work as well as the swimming plugs.

Flanged plugs are great for people who are around loud music. Anyone who works in a factory with noise will want to consider using hearing protection plugs. It is so important to take care of the ears because the damage is irreparable.

Safety ear plugs are easy to buy at most stores and very inexpensive. Often large companies have them available for their employees and expect them to wear them while at the plant for hearing protection. Parents need to caution children not to listen to loud music because someday they will pay for it. Although teenagers have a hard time understanding this, the wise parent will work with them to keep the volume down.

Ear plugs can save people a lot of problems during their senior years. Keeping a pair handy will often be the answer for people who forget to wear them. They can be used while vacuuming, mowing the lawn, or using a chain saw. All these simple chores are noisy and people should be aware they are compromising their future health. So anyone who wants to take care of their ears should have a pair ready the next time they are doing something that is loud. In the long run, this simple task will be worth it.

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