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Howard Leight Firm Fit Cylinder Earplugs (200 Pairs)

Howard Leight Firm Fit Cylinder Earplugs (200 Pairs)
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Extensive research into earplug preferences revealed that some workers prefer a firm foam earplug. They gain a sense of security from feeling the earplug in their ear. And while they likeknowing the earplug is there, workers want greater comfort. Independednt tests reveal that Firm Fit outperforms the leading classic-style earplug, providing workers with a comfortable option.


- Easy to Insert: Requires less pressure to roll down. Slow recovery rate gives you plenty of time to correctly insert in ear canal.
- Easy to See: Distinct warning orange color makes compliance checks easy.
- 40% Softer: You can feel that Firm Fit is softer when you hold it.
- 29% Less Pressure: Firm Fit exerts expansion pressure on the ear canal.


- ANSI S3.19-1974 - NRR 30


- Agriculture Industry
- Construction Industry
- Fire Protection Industry
- Forestry Industry
- Government Industry
- Law Enforcement Industry
- Manufacturing Industry
- Mining Industry
- Steel and Metals Industries
- Transportation Industry
- utilities Industry
- Welding Industry

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