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Ansell HyFlex Cut Resistant Coated Work Gloves

SKU : ANE11-435-6
Ansell HyFlex Cut Resistant Coated Work Gloves
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Hyflex 11-435 has an eco-friendly, water-based polyurethane palm coating with enhanced dexterity and comfort due to no coating strike through. The gray palm coat hides soil and provides long wear reducing overall replacement costs. The cut-resistant liner is a unique combination of Dyneema, Nylon, Lycra, and glass fiber. These ultra strong fibers provide extreme resistance to cuts and burrs. Anti-static for improved safety in critical areas. The liner is silicone free.

- Cutting small dry or lightly oiled parts
- Handling glass or metal sheets
- Handling sharp-edged objects
- Maintenance
- Pre-assembling
- Stamping

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