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Public Safety and Emergency Management

ML Kishigo High Performance vests for specialized needs.

Public Safety Stand Outs:

Our Public Safety and Emergency Management apparel line for Fire, Police, Sheriff and Emergency users includes Incident Command Vests (ICS) and Hospital Incident Command Systems (HICS) Vests. All lines are backed by our quality workmanship and ANSI compliance expertise.

When on the street or in the field, safety is top priority. Compare ML Kishigo’s public safety vests to the competition and you will see that the difference is night and day. Our full line of vests meets or exceeds ANSI/ISEA compliance for daytime visibility with broad coverage of luminous orange and lime.

At night is where we truly outshine: From the 200 Series with more than ample retro-reflective tape for “good” visibility; to the “better” 500 Series, with a compliant tape configuration and the addition of quick identification reflective department titles; to our flagship, the 400 Series (best), which sets a new standard by combining all the aforementioned features with the added benefit
of reflective trim (bias), finishing every edge for ultimate visibility.



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400 PSV Pro Series Public Safety Vest
SKU: ML-4001-MXL
ANSI/ISEA 207 Compliant. Offers the best visibility in the PSV Pro Series. Features lightweight solid polyester front with Ultra-Cool mesh shoulders and back and 5-point breakaway with breakaway velcro closure.

Our price: $35.00

Custom Fire Vest with Interchangable Inserts
SKU: ML-8069
Custom fire department personnel safety vest professional grade. ANSI 207-2006 Compliant, M-XL, 2XL-4Xl.

Our price: $58.10

EMS Deluxe Vest
SKU: ML-8068
Deluxe EMS Vest, ANSI/ISEA 207 Compliant. Sold as part of a kit with flags, or vest only.

Our price: $115.00

EMS Economy Vest
SKU: ML-8068L
EMS Economy Vest, ANSI/ISEA 207. Sold as part of a kit with flags or separately.

Our price: $54.16

Flags for EMS Deluxe Safety Vest
Flags for EMS Economy Safety Vest by ML-Kishiigo

Our price: $30.42
Non-ANSI CERT Green Safety Vest
Non-ANSI CERT Green Safety vest with National CERT logo pre-printed on the back of the vest

Our price: $9.00
Police Officer Safety Vest 500 PSV PRO SERIES
SKU: ML-5001
Professional grade Police officer vest. ANSI/ISEA 107 Class 2 & ANSI 207 Compliant. M-XL, 2XL-4XL Sizes.

Our price: $40.25

Professional Fire Dept. Personnel Safety Vest
SKU: ML-5003
Professional grade Fire Dept. safety vest. ANSI/ISEA 107 Class 2 & ANSI 207 Compliant. M-XL, 2XL-4XL Sizes.

Our price: $55.90

Radians LHV-207-3G Police Safety Vest
RadWear USA develops products designed for law enforcement, fire, emergency, construction, transportation, highway, industrial and other specialty markets. We strive to provide the highest quality products at competitive prices. This safety vest is made in the USA.

Our price: $38.00

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