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Sperian - Uvex STRATEGY GOGGLES - Clear Anti-fog Lens
Lightweight, TPE body provides exceptional comfort and a snug fit for maximum protection.

Our price: $6.60

Uvex 9301 Futura Indirect Vent Goggles
Uvex Futura™ wrap-around sports style provides excellent panoramic vision and fits over most prescription glasses. The frosted brow guard reduces glare and indirect venting and Uvextreme® AF coating prevent fogging. Meets ANSI Z87+ standards

Our price: $7.58
Uvex Flex Seal Indirect Vent Over The Glasses Goggles
The Uvex Flex Seal™ goggle's silicone construction and design offer exceptional advantages over other over-the-glasses goggles for all-day comfort, superior fit and climate adaptability. It fits over many prescription frames, and its contemporary, wrap-around lens increases viability and protection. The Flex Seal Goggle is the latest in OTG comfort and protection technology from Uvex.

Our price: $11.40

Uvex Fury Dust Goggles
Combining the design of a new spectacle lens and the fit of a goggle, fury™ provides a close-to-the-face fit that’s critical in windy and dusty work environments. The frameless lens is cushioned against the face by soft, replaceable, flame resistant foam. Headband size and lens inclination are adjustable for a great fit, and the lens is coated with uvextreme® AF anti-fog, anti-static, anti-scratch, and anti-UV lens coating. Meets Z87.1-1989 and CSA Z94.3-1992 high impact protector. Sold by the pair.

Our price: $10.94
Uvex Stealth Chemical Splash Impact Goggles
The Stealth™ helps workers appreciate the unique combination of lightweight comfort, a low profile design, and futuristic good looks. Soft, pliable elastomer material molds around the nose, cheeks and forehead for a custom fit to both wide and narrow faces. Indirect ventilation minimizes fogging while providing superior splash and impact protection. Exclusive uvextreme(®) AF coating provides anti-fog, anti-scratch, anti-static, and anti-UV protection. Meets ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3 standards.

Our price: $10.68

Uvex Stealth Over The Glasses Chemical Splash Impact Goggles Anti-Scratch/Anti-Fog
The highest levels of comfort, protection, performance and sleek styling now combined with an over-the-glass prescription eyewear option. The Uvex Stealth™ family, one of the most poplar goggles on the market, has expanded to include an OTG sytle. These goggles offer modern design, technology and materials coupled with premier performance, comfort and adjustability features. Ideal for impact, dust and airborne particles, chemical splash, and optical radiation (UV and welding/heat radiation), the new expanded Uvex Stealth™ family continues to make it easy to wear goggles on the job, no matter what the application.

Our price: $13.29

Uvex Stealth Reader OTG Over The Glasses Goggles Diopter Clear Uvextreme Anti-Fog Lens
The first of its kind, the Uvex Stealth Reader goggle offers an extensive range of magnification strengths. With diopters ranging from +1.0 to +3.0, the Uvex Stealth Reader goggle is ideal for workers who require not only increased magnification for close-up inspection or fine detail work but also the added protection of a goggle.

Our price: $12.95

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