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General purpose gloves provide protection against various injuries depending on the construction of the glove. Basic cotton woven styles and jersey fabrics are offered in various weights (uniform industry standard of weighting fabrics by the yard). String knits offer seamless construction and are manufactured on knitting machines in various gauges which refers to the number of rows of stitches per inch. General purpose gloves are constructed with fibers such as 100% cotton for absorbency and warmth, while cotton/poly blends are a bit more comfortable and durable, and resist shrinkage when laundered. Nylon gloves are low-linting knit gloves with exceptional fit, dexterity and tactile sensitivity, with minimal shrinkage. Various coatings such as natural rubber, nitrile, foam-nitrile and polyurethane can be applied to base liners to enhance resistance to abrasion, snags, cuts and punctures, The coatings also increase wear and provide improved grip.

General purpose coated gloves are produced on seamless string knit and seamless thin gauge nylon liners that enhance comfort, dexterity, tactile and sensitivity, and fit, or durable cut-and-sewn jersey or interlock liners. Gloves are palm coated, ¾ dipped or fully coated to offer added protection to the back of the hand. The coatings help prevent glove "blow out", improve grip, and offer varying degrees of resistance to abrasion, snags, cuts and punctures for a longer wear life. Coatings include: natural rubber, nitrile, foam-nitrile and polyurethane.

Ansell Coated Work Gloves

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Best Coated Work Gloves

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North Coated Work Gloves

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Radnor Coated Work Gloves

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North Flex PVC Palm Coated Gloves
Launder-able, NorthFlex Red-X Foamed PVC Palm Coated Gloves are light and comfortable general purpose gloves that offer high abrasion resistance and exceptional grip.

Our price: $3.37

Air Infused PVC Palm Coated Gloves
SKU: RAD64056501
Radnor Black Air Infused PVC Palm Coated Gloves WIth 15 Gauge Seamless Nylon Knit Liner

Our price: $2.84

Ansell - KSR Gloves
SKU: ANE22-515-7-LM
Ansell KSR Vinyl Coated Slip-On Style Glove With Interlock Knit Liner

Our price: $3.17

Ansell ActivArmr Carpenter Coated Work Glove
SKU: ANE97-006-9
The breathable second skin dexterity of the patented ActivArmr™ Carpenter glove provides advanced protection, superior grip and all day wear comfort. Using Ansell’s patented Knitted Variable Stitch Design (KVSD) with Dyneema®, the ActivArmr™ Carpenter glove provides barehanded dexterity and best in class cut and abrasion protection that is double that of standard carpenter gloves. The polyurethane palm coating provides extra grip and ten times the wear of competitor gloves.

Our price: $21.70

Ansell ActivArmr Electrician Coated Work Glove
SKU: ANE97-001-9
The patented ActivArmr™ Electrician glove delivers breathable, second-skin dexterity while providing protection against wire punctures, cuts and abrasions. Using Ansell’s patented Knitted Variable Stitch Design (KVSD) with Dyneema®, the ActivArmr™ Electrician glove provides a barehanded feel and best in class puncture protection that is two the three times greater than standard electrician gloves. This knit, along with the polyurethane palm coating gives 10 times the wear of standard construction gloves.

Our price: $16.03

Ansell Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Coated Work Gloves
SKU: ANE97-009-8
For the most demanding jobs, you need the absolute toughest protection. These rugged gloves are engineered for the true extremes. With Ansell’s patented Intercept Technology and DuPont Kevlar fibers, they create the ultimate everyday protection from punctures, cuts and abrasions.

Our price: $28.50

Ansell HyFlex 11-644 Gloves
SKU: ANE11-644-6
Ansell HyFlex 11-644 Coated Work Glove uses Ansell Cut Protection Technology which combines a proprietary blend of high performance polyethylene yarn with a polyurethane palm coating for an unmatched combination of cut protection and comfort. Molds naturally to the hand preventing fatigue and increasing worker confidence while on the job. Soft and cool to the skin for all day comfort. Exclusive engineered yarn combination provides exceptional precision, dexterity and flexibility when handling small parts.

Our price: $9.25

Ansell HyFlex Coated Work Gloves
SKU: ANE11-840-6
Extreme duarbility and superior fit

Our price: $4.43

Ansell HyFlex Coated Work Gloves with White Dyneema
SKU: ANE11-518-6
Hyflex 11-518 has an ultralight duty 18 gauge liner that allows barehand-like dexterity for high tactility. This first-to-market glove to provides ANSI Cut Level 2 in an 18 gauge style. Dyneema Diamond Technology provides high cut-to-dexterity ratio for safety with comfort. The soft, sheer Dyneema Diamond Technology fiber breathes to keep hands cool and dry while the D3 Pinky matches natural contours of hand. The thin polyurethane coating enables high tactility. High abrasion resistance extends glove life.

Our price: $10.62

Ansell HyFlex Cut Resistant Coated Work Gloves
SKU: ANE11-435-6
Hyflex 11-435 has an eco-friendly, water-based polyurethane palm coating with enhanced dexterity and comfort due to no coating strike through. The gray palm coat hides soil and provides long wear reducing overall replacement costs. The cut-resistant liner is a unique combination of Dyneema, Nylon, Lycra, and glass fiber. These ultra strong fibers provide extreme resistance to cuts and burrs. Anti-static for improved safety in critical areas. The liner is silicone free.

Our price: $11.98

Ansell HyFlex Multi-Purpose Coated Work Gloves (12 Pairs)
SKU: ANE11-618-6
Hyflex 11-618 is an ultralight glove that maximizes touch & precision. Ultralight duty 18 gauge liner is the lightest lined and coated HyFlex glove for outstanding comfort and sensitivity. Enhanced flexibility, tactility, and handling efficiency is ideal for workers who need a high level of touch and precision. The thin polyurethane coating enables high tactility while the high abrasion resistance extends glove life. The dark liner and glove mask dirt and reduce glove waste.(12 Pairs)

Our price: $42.00

Ansell Hynit Gloves
SKU: ANE32-105-7-LM
Ansell Hynit Nitrile Impregnated Glove With Slip-On Cuff

Our price: $2.98

Ansell Knief Hand Cut Resistant Work Gloves (12 Pairs)
SKU: ANE74-731-7
Breakthrough in cut protection for the Food Processing industry. (12 Pairs)

Our price: $130.20

Ansell Light Duty Multi-Purpose Coated Work Gloves
SKU: ANE97-007-8
Even the lightweight jobs can be tough on the hands after a long day. ActivArmr Light Duty gloves give just the right level of protection, while providing the ultimate “second skin” feel. Their breathable nylon liner and a foam nitrile outer layer give you the dexterity and grip you need to safely get the job done.

Our price: $6.24

Ansell Medium Duty Multi-Purpose Coated Work Gloves
SKU: ANE97-008-8
Some projects demand a tougher layer of protection, like when working with rough materials and power tools. With reinforced palm ridges and an advanced layer of DuPont Kevlar, the ActivArmr Medium Duty gloves stand up to harsh abrasions and cuts, while still delivering excellent dexterity and precision so you can work efficiently.

Our price: $13.58

Ansell Plumber Coated Work Glove
SKU: ANE97-005-9
The patented ActivArmr™ Plumber glove gives the ability to slide materials in your hands while providing an advanced fingertip grip and the combination of protection, comfort and durability. Using Ansell’s patented Knitted Variable Stitch Design (KVSD) with DuPont™ Kevlar®, the ActivArmr™ Plumber glove provides barehanded dexterity and best in class cut protection that is seven times greater than standard plumber gloves. The foam nitrile coating, along with reinforcements in the palm and fingertips, protect against warm pipes and prevent the slippage of pipe and other materials.

Our price: $29.94

Ansell Tan STD Slip On Interlock Gloves
SKU: ANE1-114-7
STD Vinyl-Impregnated, Interlock Knit-Lined STD gloves offer superior flexibility and excellent dexterity, plus they outwear 8-ounce cotton gloves by at least 5 to 1. For many applications, STD gloves even outperform goatskin and light leather gloves. In addition, they’re machine washable for longer service life.

Our price: $3.27

Ansell Versa Touch Cut Resistant Work Gloves (12 Pairs)
SKU: ANE74-730-7
Breakthrough in cut protection for the Food Processing industry. (12 Pairs)

Our price: $141.48

Atlas 377 Nitrile Foam Grip Gloves
SKU: 510417-M
ShowaBest Black And Blue Nitrile 377 ATLAS Coated Work Gloves With Nitrile Palm Coating

Our price: $6.50

Atlas Assembly Grip Coated Glove
SKU: 370-S
Atlas® lightweight gloves feature a 100% seamlessnylon liner that produces minimal lint, thereby protecting sensitive parts from contamination. The thin nitrile palm coating on the N370 is extraordinarily tough and flexible, allowing workers to perform detailed tasks with ease. These gloves can be used in small parts assembly, inspection, light fabrication, tool handling, gardening and packaging.

Our price: $2.72
Market price: $4.21 save 35%

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